12th Judicial Circuit Court, Illinois
Honorable Andrea Lynn Chasteen
Clerk of the Circuit Court
(815) 727-8592

Electronic Plea of Guilty
for Citations Issued in the 12th Judicial Circuit, Illinois

Please enter the Citation Number and at least one additional identifier, exactly as it appears on your citation:

* Required

Please note, Citations must meet the following criteria to qualify for an Electronic Plea of Guilty:

  1. The offense must not require a court appearance.
  2. The court date at the bottom of the citation must not have already occurred.
  3. The citation cannot have multiple counts.
  4. A guilty plea must be entered at least 2 days after the date of the offense and at least 1 day before the scheduled court date.
  5. The offense must be categorized as a Traffic Violation (TR) or Conservation Violation (CV), and must be included in schedules 10.0, 10.5, or 11.0.
  6. The offense class for a Traffic Violation must be a "P" or "U".
  7. The offense class for a Conservation Violation must be a "B", "C", "P" or "U".
  8. You must not have submitted a payment or request for the offense through the mail.
  9. If the citation is linked to other citations or court cases, those other citations and cases must also meet the aforementioned criteria.

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